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MADAME ALEXANDRA'S RULES OF BUSINESS Shares The Remarkable Account of the Business Principles that The Proprietress of One of Paris's Most Highly-Regarded Business Establishments Used to Acquire A Fortune

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FOR TWO DECADES Alexandra Borodinskaya—known to her elegant clientele only as Madame Alexandra—ran Paris’s most highly regarded "maison close". 

Located on the same street as the Elysée Palace, the Faubourg Saint-Honoré, her establishment received the mighty, the clever, and the leading lights of France’s arts and sciences. 

At her death, at the advanced age of 92, after many years of a genteel retirement that saw her divide her time between her villa on the Lake of Geneva and her home on Cap d’Antibes, it came to light that she owned all of the odd-numbered properties between numbers 15 and 27 on the Faubourg Saint-Honoré—therefore, the entire side of the street for more than a quarter of a mile, a staggering fortune in real estate. 

An unpublished account of her life in business were unexpectedly found and from those, the book "Madame Alexandra's Rules of Business" was written.

Thus it is that Alexandra Borodinskaya, gave us a remarkable account of those business principles that she applied in amassing a fortune of note.